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Shower Radio

FM Scan radio in white casing, with blue joystick. Features 7 colour changing moodlight. Waterproof for use in the shower. 2 x AAA batteries included. Packaged in white gift box. Colours: White. Sizes: 108 x 55 x 30mm.
From $7.25 To $8.15

Message Recorder

Compact message recorder with 20 second record time. Easy to use with magnet on reverse side. Colours: Silver. Sizes: 83 x 30 x 6mm.
From $3.72 To $4.18

Ariel Compact Mirror

Round compact travel mirror with a brushed aluminium finish. Unit opens out to a magnified mirror on one side and normal mirror on the other. Colours: Silver. Sizes: 70 x 70 x 10mm.
From $6.71 To $9.05


Step, distance and calorie counter with unique sensor to pick up data when wearing around the neck or hanging in your bag or backpack. Supplied with a 900mm lanyard and 300mm lanyard. Colours: White. Sizes: 68 x 35 x 4mm.
From $5.28 To $6.60

Voyager Tool

Easy to use, versatile tool that comes with 8 functions within the tool itself, and 10 nickel plated screwdriver bits that fit neatly into individual compartments in a panel of the pouch. Pouches are available in 3 colours. Handy loop is at the back of the pouch, ideal for carrying around on your belt. Colours: Black. Sizes: 33 x 105 x 12mm.
From $8.92 To $12.02

Stress Computer

Computer stress shape in black. Supplied bulk packed. Print Size: 40mm wide x 20mm high
From $1.72 To $3.66

Stress Mobile Phone - Grey or Pink

Mobile phone stress toy. Features Nokia detail with green screen, grey phone body, and function keys. Supplied bulk packed. Print Size: 30mm wide x 30mm high
From $1.40 To $3.37

Stress Shoe Mobile Holder Black, White o

Stress high-heeled shoe available in White, red or black. Supplied bulk packed. Print Size: 30mm wide x 30mm high
From $2.61 To $3.61
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